Otey Family Update…

Lynda & Robin

We continue with projects around the house… but a new house! Yes, we downsized… smaller yard, smaller home, but still a garden for Lynda, a work bench for Robin, and a back yard for dogs. This one was built in 1990 (not the ’50s) so has modern features like 6 inch walls with insulation (what a concept) and a more open living plan. The best part is there are no stairs, no basement, and I no longer work down in the ‘batcave,’ my office has a bright window with a floral view.


Conner has taken to flying on the road. He decided aviation wasn’t meant to be and got his CDL license. He is currently running an Olympia route for Southern Glaziers Wine and Spirits. He and Kylie have moved to Aberdeen, WA where her family is close by. They are currently planning for a Spring 2023 wedding.

Mia & Kennon

We welcome Mia Simone to the Otey family with a beautiful wedding celebration to start their life as one in October 2017.  Kennon and Mia are currently living in upstate NY where Kennon is employed with Ecovative Design. (Look them up — very interesting company.)
They are the proud parents of Leonardo and share their home with Eevee and Minnie, their two rescue dogs.

Charlotte (aka Shyla)
Gotcha Day!

In April 2014, Zoey was adopted into the Otey family from the SPCA.  She is a Brindle Boxer mix (50%), and 12.5% each of Chinese Shar-pei, shorthaired Daschund, Miniature Poodle, and Chihuahua. What a mix! Very high energy but smart.  Now, if we can just stop her from so easily climbing that 6′ fence – that would be great. We said “Good-bye” to Frances in September 2015 when she crossed over the Rainbow bridge. It was a difficult time for all the Otey’s — she was such a large part of our family. Gone but not forgotten.

And because we are ‘Dog people’ we volunteer with Wags to Riches Animal Santuary.  It has been a great experience for Zoey, Robin and Lynda and our fosters, all finding great “furever” homes. So far Bruce, Lacey, Tucker, Fancy, Chevy (the 3 legged wonder dog), Jango, Bella, Mindi, Odie, Mosaic, Kirby, and Sadie. Jenny, Carley, Chevy, Cinder & Rusty are close by and we love Dog reunions!

But after 4 years and 18 foster dogs, we couldn’t let Shyla go. Epic “Foster Fail.” Shyla is now Charlotte and a permanent part of the Otey family.

Jenny (Delta)
Chevy (Leila)
Rusty Red
Shyla (now Charlotte)